Rui Gustavo Crespo

Assistant Professor
Technical University of Lisbon
Dept. Electrical and Computer Engineering

Broadly speaking, my main goal is to adapt Computer Science formalisms into the Computer Communications world. Topics of interest include
  • IP features and Feature Interaction.
  • Computer security.
  • Formal specifications set-theoretic/ Z, process algebrae/ (CSP and LOTOS)
  • Teaching and Supervision

    Selected Publications


    Member of Communication Networks and Mobility research group at INESC-ID.

    Research projects:

  • ISoQ - Improving Software Quality by Mastering Complexity
    Portugal/Slovenia bilateral agreement Slo-P-10/01-04.
  • FI-DRA : Feature Interaction - Distributed Resolution Analysis
    (supported by Portuguese Science and Tecnology Foundation, project PTDC/EEA-ELC/664/72/2006)
  • Research collaboration:
  • Spring 2004: on leave to the CSERG-Communications Software Engineering Research Group, School of Information Tecnology and Engineering at U of Ottawa, to research on resolution of FI in Internet Applications based on interdiction operations.
  • Fall 2006: on leave to the Computer Security Laboratory, at UC Davis, to research on predictive identification of FIs based on security threats. Here are some pictures.
  • Spring 2009: on leave to the Communications and Services research group, at University of Stirling/Scotland, to research on the integration of FI detection an resolution phases based on stable model semantics on non-monotonic reasoning. Here are some pictures.
  • Tools

  • ATag-Abstract syntax Tree Automatic Generator
  • Feature interaction resolver for James Email server
  • Specification of FI detection and resolution (requires lparse and smodels tools)
  • Being type I diabetic since March 1973, I proudly address the .

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    Área Cientifica de Computadores
    Departamento de Engenharia Electrotécnica
    Instituto Superior Técnico
    Mail Av. Rovisco Pais, 1049-001, Lisboa, PORTUGAL
    Phone +351 21 8417 626
    Fax +351 21 8417 499
    Email: rgc AT comp DOT ist DOT utl DOT pt
    (or rcrespo AT site DOT uottawa DOT ca, or crespo AT cs DOT ucdavis DOT edu, or rcr AT cs DOT stir DOT ac DOT uk)